Preisfrage 2016

As part of the College’s 50th birthday Clare Hall has revived the Enlightenment tradition of "Preisfrage", or academic prize question, as a tribute to the enormous intellectual diversity and vibrancy that is a hallmark of our college.

Historically a custom from the 18th century where academies of arts and science around Europe, particularly in Germany, would regularly publish a Preisfrage: a very general question that anyone could answer, with a prize awarded to the best entry.

Clare Hall’s 2016 Preisfrage question was SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL?

Students were asked to submit [their] thoughts in response, whatever form they may take: an essay, a poem, a piece of music, a sculpture, a picture, anything.

We had a number of entries including photographs, two original compositions for piano - one recorded, one as score, poems, short stories and a collection of philosophical aphorisms.  All highly original entries.  A panel of judges including the President and Senior Tutor selected a winner, who received a cash prize of £500. 

2016 Clare Hall Preisfrage Winner (click on the links to view the winning entries)
Laura Brooks

Highly commended
Christopher Brammeld
Alessio Santoro

Congratulations to our winner and to all those that took the time to participate in what we hope, will become an annual Clare Hall event.