A Message from the President of the Boat Club

This has been a great year for Clare Hall rowing. We had the honour of unveiling a brand new trophy blade after bumping all four days in May bumps with the men's team last year. This year we had an awesome turnout for the induction with about 40 students expressing interest, which is more than one in five students. The mission of our club is to allow any Clare Hall member to enjoy rowing, coxing and spectating. So far we are doing well and will continue to strive for this.

This year, we have participated in Queen's ergs (pictured), Emma sprints and Christmas Head. We are looking forward to a great Lent and May Bumps season. We are especially happy to have a strong women's team for participating in the bumps races this year.

Aside from these events, our committee is dedicated to creating a legacy for the boat club. For example, we have the idea of creating an honour board that commemorates those who have previously contributed to the boat club. Initially, I would like to add all the presidents and captains, so if you are a previous president or captain get in touch with us at clarehall.captain@cucbc.org. We will go as far back in history as we can.

We are always looking to improve our equipment; if you would like to contribute to allow us to repaint our blades, buy a new cox box, sponsor our kit or purchase a new boat, you can donate online and choose to support the Boat Club. We also have plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Boat Club in 2020 - watch out for more news on that soon!

Marno van der Maas

Clare Hall Boat Club President 2018-2019