50th Anniversary President's XII v Students Cricket Match

All the summer's rain clouds couldn't forestall the success of the Golden Anniversary President's XII v Students (including several elderly ones) cricket match at Leckhampton on June 22nd.

A low-scoring match, which brought three hold-outs from last year half-way across the world to play in it, saw the Student score of 67-6 proving enough, surprisingly, to best the President's Men, who finished on 56-4.

At the dinner that followed the match, President Ibbetson made a compelling case for his side, captained by Sam Martensz, winning 46-42 (Extras excluded) before sportingly presenting the trophy to rival captain, Aftab Jalia.

Men of the Match were declared to be "Triple A" Milne and "Sledger" Villiers and a final toast was drunk to all those cricketers who would see the college through to its Century.

Photo credit: Peter Nixon

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