​Fellow to give talk about epidemics in medieval Iceland for Cambridge Festival

Dr Elizabeth Ashman Rowe is speaking at the inaugural Cambridge Festival this spring. Titled Epidemics in Medieval Iceland: the Evidence of Contemporary Annals, the talk will see Dr Rowe analysing how epidemics repeatedly struck the isolated community of Iceland in the later Middle Ages, with contemporary annals recording them in ways that range from the horrifying to the humorous.

Dr Rowe is a Fellow of Clare Hall and Head of the Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic Department at the University of Cambridge, with her area of research focusing on the history and culture of Scandinavia in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages - roughly from 750 AD to 1500 AD.

She shares:
'I recently translated the medieval Icelandic annals, so it seemed natural to look to them for material for a Cambridge Festival talk. Some details had stuck in my mind, but it wasn't until I started writing that the richness of the topic unfolded itself. It was interesting to see that the Icelanders had names for only a few diseases from which they suffered, not to mention how epidemics often coincided with harsh weather and famines. Above all, it was striking how the Icelanders' concern with factual information about symptoms, victims, and virulence sounds so much like our concerns with Covid-19.'

Find further details at https://www.festival.cam.ac.uk/events/epidemics-medieval-iceland-evidence-contemporary-annals

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