Helen Pennant Elected as Vice President of Clare Hall

The Governing Body is delighted to announce the election of Helen Pennant as Vice President of Clare Hall, for a period of four years with effect from 1 August 2020.  Helen will succeed Professor Alan Short, who will be assuming the Presidency of the College on that date.

Helen has been Director of the Cambridge Trust since 2013, and joined Clare Hall as a Fellow the same year. Helen is already well known to the College community, she is currently an active member of the College Development Committee and has represented the College at a number of overseas members’ events....

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25 June 2020

Reopening the College

In planning the safe reopening of College, the Domestic Bursar has produced a comprehensive document detailing how each area of the College will adapt going forward.  This initial work, formulated with feedback from across selected College members, is a live document that will no doubt change in the coming weeks and months in response to wider Government and University policy. A copy of the latest document is available to download from the homepage of the Clare Hall...

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15 June 2020

How to ‘reset the clock’ when it comes to living with plastic

Plastic: the new fantastic? A Cambridge University film looking at how the Cambridge Creative Circular Plastics Centre (CirPlas) aims to eliminate plastic waste by combining blue-sky thinking with practical measures. Featuring Clare Hall Fellow Dr Khaled Soufani.




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09 June 2020

Cambridge Conversations with Dr Ems Lord

Like everywhere else in Cambridge we are now putting in place plans for the gradual reopening of the College, though it will be some time yet before we are back to normal. We are also planning to take forward some of the positive things we have learned from the coronavirus crisis, in particular, the use of video platforms to enable Life Members in different parts of the world to join College members in Cambridge in some of the activities that help make Clare Hall what it is.

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01 June 2020

Professor John Barrow Awarded Leverhulme Fellowship

Congratulations to Professor John Barrow who has been awarded a Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship for 2020-22.

The Fellowship is on 'Cosmological Problems'. It supports work on specific topics that include astronomical tests of varying constants of physics using the Hubble Space Telescope, singularities, dark energy, the Hubble constant problem, higher-order gravity, and inhomogeneous cosmologies.


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06 May 2020

A Message from the President

A few days ago, in an email on another matter, a Visiting Fellow who had decided to remain in Cambridge with his family wrote to me, “We are very glad that we had decided to stay. Clare Hall is probably the best place to stay in this pandemic.” I am sure he is right.

A couple of weeks ago we were very touched to receive a video made by the GSB expressing their feelings. It is posted on the College website and is on YouTube

I encourage you to look at it: it will make you as proud as I am to be a...

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05 May 2020

Professor Frances Spalding Awarded Emeritus Research Fellowship

Professor Frances Spalding has been awarded an Emeritus Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust, where she will be completing a book, provisionally titled Art in the Fells:  A Collection, its Maker and its Legacy.

Scant research exists on the vital role of individual patrons during the inter-war years. State patronage of art in Britain had attained a high point during World War I, but it ended abruptly when peace returned.

In the inter-war years, Helen Sutherland emerges as a loyal supporter of the young modernists associated with...

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04 May 2020

Professor Alan Short: COVID-19 and the Emergency Open Plan Hospitals

The rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak has overwhelmed public health services and systems globally, triggering an urgent need to build temporary structures or convert very large existing buildings into emergency hospitals to treat hundreds of Covid-19 patients. It is important to take all possible precautions to limit airborne cross-infection of patients and medical staff within these huge open spaces. As we breathe, cough or sneeze, a mass of tiny droplets disperse in the surrounding air.  This short film reports on...

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28 April 2020

The GSB Online Easter Seminar Series

The Clare Hall GSB is excited to announce the Easter Seminar Series. 

Starting on Thursday 30 April, these seminars will include current Clare Hall students presenting their work, as well as Fellows, Visiting Fellows, postdocs and life members from all over the world. This is a wonderful way for Clare Hall members to stay connected. The first seminar features Simone Schneider, MPhil student in Sociology; Peter Kesting, Life Member and Zoe Nahas, PhD student in Plant Sciences.

The seminars are restricted to Clare Hall affiliates only....

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27 April 2020

Professor Peter Dronke

The College is saddened to announce the passing of the last of its earliest Fellows, Professor Peter Dronke, an eminent scholar of mediaeval Latin.

He was one of a group of Fellows elected in 1964, two years before the College’s formal foundation.

Marina Warner has published an obituary in the Guardian.

An appreciation of Peter will appear in the 2020 Clare Hall Review.

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24 April 2020