Clare Hall Allotment Initiative officially launches

25 Clare Hall members sowed a variety of vegetables in West Court at the weekend, as part of a new Allotment Initiative for the College community. Sarah Gough, a PhD candidate from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, shares:

"After about a year of planning, and with support from a number of people at Clare Hall, we kickstarted Clare Hall's Allotment Initiative in West Court on Saturday. Over eleven households came to sow various seeds from tomatoes, peas, broad beans, aubergine, chilli, basil, chives, asparagus, lettuce to strawberries. It's so easy to become disconnected from nature and particularly where our food comes from. Personally, sowing and harvesting seasonal fruit and veg has had a huge impact on my own wellbeing. So, I hope this project allows College members (students, Fellows, families, and Life Members) to reap the many rewards that come with an allotment, including a sense of community, break from intense academic life, exercise, fresh air, satisfaction from cooking your own produce, and more. But first we need some seedlings...!"

The ~144m² allotment site is located in West Court, beside the swimming pool, looking south onto the farmer’s fields.

Sarah adds, "Our head gardener David Smith, who has a wealth of experience, rotated the ground for around six medium-sized beds which should be enough room for all those who want to be involved. We're aiming to harvest produce between June and September."

To learn more about the Allotment Initiative, please contact Sarah via - and follow her on Instagram at @sarahsfoodspace

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