Sculpture in the Garden

This exhibition of works by John Sydney Carter is one of our special 50th Anniversary events.

Throughout his life John Sydney Carter’s parallel interests have been in both fine art and industrial design. He is a painter and a sculptor, but in the last twenty years sculpture has been his constant, creative outpouring. He works in steel and aluminium and occasionally casts in bronze, but he is happiest forging and welding in his studio. His subjects are of the outdoors; air, sea and space interest him, subjects bound together from his two years of experience at sea with the Royal Marines, a love continued to this day sailing his own Yawl from the Essex coast. Carter’s sculptures hewn from unforgiving steel portray a lightness, of air as much as of descriptive steel, embracing movement.

Carter’s sculptures in the Fellows’ Garden opens to the public on 14th April and continues to 30th October 2016.

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Pictured: Falling Man by John Sydney Carter.