Clare Hall to launch pilot mentoring scheme

Clare Hall is launching a pilot Mentoring Scheme this term, and the College is inviting all students to take part. 

The Scheme aims to foster significant and sustained interactions between Clare Hall students and Fellows with shared interests in particular subject areas, in order to build lasting relationships and networks. 

In the pilot phase of the Scheme, the College is proposing nine subject-specific Mentoring Groups, each led by one or more Fellows (including Research Fellows) of Clare Hall.  

These groups are expected to:

  • Hold regular informal meetings
  • Engage in academic discussions on topics of mutual interest within the subject area – possibly involving readings, guests, visits to sites of interest (under Covid-safe circumstances), etc
  • Provide advice to students on career prospects and professional development
  • Facilitate individual interactions among group members, with a view to promote peer-mentoring as well
  • Facilitate networking beyond the groups, inside and outside Cambridge

Given the continuing Covid restrictions, and the fact that some members (including group leaders) have not been able to make it back to Cambridge yet, the expectation is that activities will need to begin with virtual meetings.

The proposed groups in the pilot are listed in an email sent to all students last week, from Professor Alan Short, President of Clare Hall. You can look up the profiles of group leaders at

If you would like to participate, please email Professor Hasok Chang to indicate which group you are interested in, adding a brief description of yourself and your interests. Participation is not restricted to the subject in which you are formally taking your degree, and you may also sign up for more than one group if you wish.

All groups with sufficient student interest will run during Easter Term 2021. At the end of the term we will seek detailed feedback from participants, to help us decide whether and how to roll out the programme more generally next year.

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