Nominations for 2021/22 GSB Committee now open

Clare Hall's Graduate Student Body President, Srijit Seal, has today announced that nominations for the 2021-22 GSB Committee are officially open.

He shares:
"I am delighted to open nominations for each of the following positions, where one candidate may be elected: 

GSB Vice-President - Assists the President and aids in the management of the GSB Committee  

GSB Treasurer - Assists the GSB and aids in the management of Finances of the GSB Committee  

GSB Secretary - Plans GSB Committee meetings, takes minutes and circulates them to the rest of the GSB Committee, sends out regular email bulletins to the Student Body 
Please do nominate yourself for the Secretary position if this appeals, as this role is essential for the effective running of the Committee. The Secretary has great influence on what is discussed in GSB meetings, as well as 8 extra free meals. You will be a key person both within the GSB Committee and throughout the College.

For each of the following positions, multiple candidates may be elected, and some candidates might choose to focus their role on particular student groups (such as organising events for students with families, LGBTQ+ students, or BME students): 

Social Officer(s) - Organises social events and excursions 

Sports Officer(s) - Communicates with college sports teams, maintains college sports equipment 

Welfare Officer(s) - Organises Welfare events, informs students of services available within and outside of college 

Fellow-Student Interaction Officer(s) - Organises social and academic events aimed at bringing students and fellows together 

Green Officer(s) - Organises environmental initiatives in college and assists with the Allotment

Equalities Officer(s) - Addresses issues impacting the student body unequally along the lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and other factors 

External Officer(s) - Interacts with other colleges and organisations, maintains relations with and organises visits to our sister college (St Cross, Oxford) 

Arts and Music Officer(s) - Promotes art and music by organising excursions and events, maintains the ALB Music Room 

Information Technology Officer(s) - Promotes IT-related opportunities, liaises with college on IT-related issues"

Election timeline 

Now: Nominations are open

Thursday 14 October at 12 noon: Nominations close for all positions* 

Thursday 14 October at 5pm: Distribution of manifestos 

Tuesday 19 October at 9am: Voting begins (+Pizza Night at the ALB)

Friday 22 October at 9am: Voting closes 

Friday 22 October at 5pm (tentative): 2021-2022 GSB Committee announcement 

*Note: the GSB will extend the nominations window for Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary if they do not yet have nominations for those positions. This will push back the remaining dates on the election timeline. 

Who can run? 

Any current Clare Hall student can run for any position. You do not currently have to be in Cambridge. New students, old students, one-year students, doctoral students, onsite students, offsite students, part-time students, and everyone else is encouraged to run.

Nominating yourself 

To nominate yourself, email Srijit with the following: 

- Your name 

- The position you're nominating yourself for 

- A manifesto of no more than 500 words (optional) 

- A photograph of yourself (optional) 

This information will be shared with all Clare Hall students when manifestos are distributed. 

Find out more 

You can contact Srijit directly to find out about the elections process and what running involves, and he'd be happy to put you in touch with others who have been on or are currently on the GSB Committee to answer any questions you may have.