Dr David Gosling hosts 'Frontier of Fear' book launch

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams was the guest speaker at the launch of a new book on Pakistan by Clare Hall Life Member Dr David Gosling. Over 60 guests attended the launch of ‘Frontier of Fear’ at Magdalene College last week.  In the book Dr Gosling discusses his time on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, his encounters with the Taliban and why education is the best weapon against terrorism.

Guest speaker Dr Rowan Williams, highlighted the pressures currently facing Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan not only as a country of Islam, but also one which recognised the religious freedom and equal rights of citizens of all faiths and praised ‘Frontier of Fear’ as providing a great insight into the realities behind the media hype and distortion.

Discussions went on to cover the counter-productive use of drones in aerial warfare, women’s education, the fall in the number of Pakistani students in British universities and the reasons why young people in Pakistan and elsewhere become angry and resort to violence.

Among those attending were Professor Muhammad Jehangir, on leave from Edwardes College and currently working at Grafton College in London, and Michael O’Sullivan, director of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

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