Contemporary artist Mark Cazalet to exhibit work at Clare Hall

Clare Hall Art Committee will present an exhibition of mixed media work by contemporary artist Mark Cazalet this autumn.

Running from 7 October-18 November, the Committee's first exhibition of the academic year will feature paintings, drawings and pastels by Cazalet, who is a dynamic artist and notable figure at the Royal Drawing School.

Professor Frances Spalding, curator of the exhibition and Chair of Clare Hall Art Committee, shares:
“This exhibition will be the equivalent to a firework display in its rush of energy and its multiple sparks of brilliant colour. Mark's chosen media are traditional, but his awareness of the texture and feel of everyday life is intensely modern. Whether travelling abroad or on home territory, he is alert to the surface appearances of things and in his treatment of them seeks out further meanings. Looking at his art, one sometimes feels that everything seems to shimmer with vitality.”

A full colour catalogue is available. You can tune into our recent In Conversation event for a glimpse of Cazalet’s work and career story.

Visit the exhibition from 10am-5pm daily, after the Private View on 7 October.

For full details, please click here.

Pictured: The Dance 8 (detail), 2020. Collage papers, inks, MT tape, pencils, oil pastels, 46 x 130 cm; copyright the artist.

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