Research Fellow offers free series of Kathak dance classes to Clare Hall community

Dr Bipasha Chakraborty, Research Fellow in Sciences at Clare Hall, is running a series of free Kathak classes for Clare Hall members this springtime.

Alongside being a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at DAMTP and a particle physicist, Dr Chakraborty is also a passionate dancer, with her expertise being the Indian classical dance form known as Kathak.

She shares:
“The first lockdown made me realise how blissful dancing can be for myself and others, and this motivated me to work with a charity in India to teach underprivileged children Kathak last year. Dancing Kathak is an exhilarating experience for many. Kathak's beautiful lyrical yet energetic movements help build balance, flexibility, stamina, and strength, and improve body-mind coordination. With many unique attributes, it is the only Indian classical dance form to have significant influences from multiple religions and historical periods.”

Dr Chakraborty is sharing a series of three classes on 25th March, 1st April and 8th April from 7-7.30pm, via Zoom. Learn more and sign up here:

Further details on the classes:
These classes will introduce attendees to some lyrical hand, feet and body movements within the realm of the beautiful Indian Classical Dance form Kathak. The classes will be exhilarating; a good indoor full body workout combined with lyrical movements and music while offering a glimpse into an Indian dance form with more than 2,000 years of history and tradition. The classes are for everyone, and by default inclusive and designed for a diverse population.



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