The 2016-17 Ishii Bursary

The Ishii Bursary is awarded annually to a current Clare Hall student of outstanding academic merit in the Arts or Humanities.   Caterina Pello is the winner for 2016-17 and can be seen here at a lunch to celebrate the award alongside (L-R) Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Professor Mikiko Ishii, Ms Caterina Pello, Dr Ian Farnan, Dr Iain Black, Dr Naoya Iwata, and Dr Stefano Recchia. 

Caterina is a 3rd year PhD student in Classics working on ancient Greek philosophy.  Her thesis is entitled "Women in the Early Pythagorean Doctrines and Communities" and is about the so-called Pythagorean women - Pythagoras' female disciples - and analyses both the unusually large role they held in the Pythagorean society and the way they were portrayed and addressed in Pythagoras' teachings.

Professor Mikiko Ishii is a Professor of English Literature at Kanagawa University in Yokohama and a Life Member of Clare Hall and has generously donated the Ishii Bursary to Clare Hall students since 2011.