Clare Hall Virtual Bumps

From the 24 - 27 of June, CHBC participated in ‘Virtual May Bumps’, an event organized to allow the rowing community in Cambridge to experience the thrill of May Bumps, with all entry fees and donations going towards supporting East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and the Cambridge University’s COVID-19 campaign, helping in the fight against coronavirus in Cambridge.


Every day, team members from across the world ran 800 metres, and their times were averaged in groups of three to simulate each third of the 2400 metre rowing race. Clare Hall Boat Club Men’s First maintained their place the first day, and overtook the team in front of them on days 2 and 3. Clare Hall Boat Club Women’s First caught the team in front of them on all four days, earning them ‘virtual blades’! We couldn’t be prouder of both of our teams and look forward to reuniting on the river soon. Big thanks to all of our captains, coxes, and the Virtual May Bumps Committee ( for their hard work. Go Clare Hall!

Photo gallery of some of the crews