Recent Master of Law graduate shares story in Cambridge Trust video

Yomna Zentani, a Master of Law graduate from Clare Hall, has spoken about her journey to Cambridge and her experience of studying at the University in a video for the Cambridge Trust.

Yomna was awarded the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship, which is a programme established by the Cambridge Trust to support students from zones of conflict in coming to study at Cambridge.

In the video, Yomna shares:
“As a Libyan citizen my English education was significantly disrupted by the political unrest in my country, which began in 2011. Coming from such an area of...

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26 February 2021

Research Fellow to present Alzheimer’s Research UK event during Cambridge Festival

Dr Li Su, Research Fellow at Clare Hall, is running a public event as leader of Alzheimer’s Research UK East Network Centre this spring.

Dr Su shares:
“We have invited Dr Ben Underwood from Cambridge Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust to discuss the current support for dementia patients; Professor Kieran Clarke from the University of Oxford will introduce what ketone ester drink is and how this could help patients with neurodegenerative diseases; and researcher Maura Malpetti from the University of Cambridge will illustrate how brain imaging...

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25 February 2021

PhD student’s article published in Children’s Literature Association Quarterly

Clare Hall PhD student Michelle Anya Anjirbag - whose research focuses on adaptation, fairy-tales, Disney, and the intersection of literature, media, and culture - has written an article which appears in Children’s Literature Association Quarterly Volume 45.

The article examines the castle as an icon signalling medievalism in Disney films, and through it, how Disney maintains a core aesthetic of whiteness across its brand, especially in the fairy-tale films. It specifically examines how the castle title cards root a sense of historicism in three live-action remediations of...

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22 February 2021

Recent graduate wins the 2021 BERA Master’s Dissertation Award

Simone Eringfeld, a recent graduate from Clare Hall and the Faculty of Education here at the University of Cambridge, is the winner of the 2021 BERA Master’s Dissertation Award for her dissertation Reimagining the Post-Coronial University through Podcasting: Hopes and Fears for the Future of Higher Education after Covid-19.

Simone’s thesis asks how we might reimagine the future of HE and the post-coronial University.

In Simone’s words, the thesis is:

“A storied collection of hopes, fears and expectations for the future, as held and...

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19 February 2021

Clare Hall Research Fellow and Tutor appears in the University's 'This Cambridge Life' series

Dr Tobias Baldauf, a Research Fellow and Tutor here at Clare Hall, has been profiled in the University's 'This Cambridge Life' blog series.

Dr Baldauf is a member of the Relativity and Gravitation Group and the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics here at Cambridge.

In the blog, Dr Baldauf discusses his research areas, methodology and interests, and also reflects on his passion for photography, which many Clare Hall...

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18 February 2021

Fellow contributes to research into the pandemic's detrimental impact on children's social intelligence

Professor Barbara Sahakian, Fellow of Clare Hall, has co-authored a piece for The Conversation on children's brain development and the way it is affected by social limitations of the pandemic.

The article was co-written by four specialists including Professor Sahakian and Dr Christelle Langley, Affiliated Postdoctoral Member of Clare Hall. It highlights that peer-to-peer interaction is vital in the development of children’s social intelligence. It advises that parents organise plenty of opportunities for their children to play and interact with other children...

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16 February 2021

Life Members release textbook on marketing research methods

Clare Hall Life Members Professors Jose Manuel Vidal-Sanz and Mercedes Esteban-Bravo have published a textbook titled Marketing Research Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches (Cambridge University Press, 2021). The textbook covers both quantitative and qualitative methods, examining the breadth of modern market research methods for upper-level students across business schools and social science faculties.

Topics including social networks, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are addressed, and real-world examples and case studies...

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15 February 2021

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021: meet Minja Axelsson

Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGS). To mark this, Clare Hall has highlighted the work of Minja Axelsson – a first-year PhD in Computer Science from Helsinki, Finland. Minja’s area of research is human-robot interaction and affective computing. She’s examining how human-robot interaction could be applied to improve our mental wellbeing.

Of her research, Minja says:
“Robots are fun! I’ve always been interested in how technology can be applied to improve human lives. I also like involving...

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11 February 2021

Studies on mammalian embryos by Research Fellow published in Developmental Cell

Work by Dr Gianluca Amadei, a Research Fellow at Clare Hall, has been published in the 8th February edition of Developmental Cell.

Dr Amadei completed his PhD at the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Dr Freda Miller, where he studied the role of RNA-binding proteins in the context of mammalian embryonic brain development. Now he is studying novel ways to model mouse post-implantation development using stem cells in the Zernicka-Goetz Group in the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience here at the University.

Of the Group’s...

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11 February 2021

Research Fellow’s paper on the effective components of anti-bullying programmes published in the Journal of School Psychology

A paper co-written by Dr Hannah Gaffney, a Clare Hall Research Fellow, has been published in the Journal of School Psychology.

Dr Gaffney is a member of the Violence Research Centre at the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge. She was awarded her PhD in Criminology in 2020 from the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research concerned ‘what works’ in school- and cyber-bullying intervention and prevention programmes; it demonstrates that school programmes can be implemented to reduce bullying amongst youth, and that the effectiveness varies according...

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10 February 2021