Clare Hall Reflects

Tickets are now on sale for the annual Clare Hall graduate students' conference Clare Hall Reflects. Organised by our students and the post-doc community, the event aims to provide all participants with the opportunity to present their work in a professional conference setting. Tickets are limited so, please register as soon as possible to join this unique event. 

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28 March 2019

FCHAS Events for 2019

We are pleased to announce the Friends of Clare Hall Art Society programme for 2019. Click on the links to learn more about each event and to reserve a place. 

29 April - Rupert Edwards and Helaine Blumenfeld, talk and film Hard Beauty,  11 June - Dr Tom Flynn, talk and art viewing and 17 October - Johannes von Stumm,...

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26 March 2019

Dr Marianne Hem Eriksen

Clare Hall Research Fellow Marianne Hem Eriksen talks about her latest book Architecture, Society, and Ritual in Viking Age Scandinavia: Doors, Dwellings, and Domestic Space on The Conversation, an independent online source of news and views from academics and the research community. To read the article click...

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21 March 2019

Safe Areas in Civil Wars

Official Fellow Dr Stefano Recchia has recently edited a special issue of the journal Global Responsibility to Protect, dedicated to ‘safe areas’ for civilian protection during violent conflict. Soon after the end of the Cold War, internationally protected safe areas were established, most prominently in northern Iraq (1991), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993), and Rwanda (1994). More recently, the idea has experienced a revival, in the face of protracted, man-made humanitarian crises in Libya,...

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18 March 2019

Clare Hall Boat Club at the Bumps

The Clare Hall Boat Club competed strongly in the Lent Bumps last week, achieving three bumps over four days. 

Marno van der Maas, the boat club president, was full of praise for the teams. He said: “We had a great bumps. The women’s boat kept their position steady in the standings, and the men’s team gained two positions.'

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14 March 2019

Clare Hall Student Event 2019 - A Summer Soirée

We are delighted to announce on behalf of the student events team, the Clare Hall 2019 Summer Soirée.

You are invited to follow the white rabbit through the rabbit hole, play the Queen’s croquet and even paint our white roses red, as this year’s theme is Lost in Wonderland.

The event programme will be announced very soon. You can expect delicious themed food and drink, live music, games and a chance to see the Fellows Garden transformed into a magical wonderland.

If you would like to buy tickets for this event, you can do so by filling...

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11 March 2019

A Message from the President of the Boat Club

This has been a great year for Clare Hall rowing. We had the honour of unveiling a brand new trophy blade after bumping all four days in May bumps with the men's team last year. This year we had an awesome turnout for the induction with about 40 students expressing interest, which is more than one in five students. The mission of our club is to allow any Clare Hall member to enjoy rowing, coxing and spectating. So far we are doing well and will continue to strive for this.

This year, we have participated in Queen's ergs (pictured), Emma sprints and Christmas Head....

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07 March 2019

New Book by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes

British Women Amateur Filmmakers. National Memories and Global Identities by Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Heather Norris Nicholson (Edinburgh University Press).

The first book to address the topic of British women amateur filmmakers.

The study of amateur filmmaking and media history is a rapidly-growing specialist field, and this ground-breaking book is the first to address the subject in the context of British women’s amateur practice. Using an interdisciplinary framework that draws upon social and visual anthropology, imperial and postcolonial studies, and...

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07 March 2019

Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini

Clare Hall is delighted to announce that Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini has been elected Ufficiale dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia.


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05 March 2019

Student Profile - Dylan Siriwardena

Clare Hall welcomes students from all over the world, working on a broad range of academic subjects. As part of our college news, we publish occasional profiles of our students’ research. Our first student profile is from Dylan Siriwardena, a PhD student who is working on some of the earliest cells that form an embryo.

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04 March 2019