Clare Hall Spanish Society Event 2018

On the 29 September, a group of Life Members from the Spanish Society met in Salamanca. 2018 is a year of celebration for the University of Salamanca as it reaches 800 years from its foundation in 1218 by King Alfonso IX de Leon.

Organised by Professor Antonio López, from the University, members had the privilege of meeting at the oldest University building, Escuelas Mayores, well known for its Plateresque style facade from 1529, containing the famous Salamanca frog. The legend of the frog is that when students arrive for the very first time at the renowned University - the oldest in Spain and the third oldest in the world - they are greeted with a challenge. If they can spot the tiny frog carved into the intricate stone facade of the university’s main building, they are destined to have academic success.

For the Clare Hall event, our Life Members gave four very interesting talks on materials science, fake news, Islamic art and identity, and the molecular biology of nutrition. The group also had the unique opportunity to visit the Old Library, in the company of the University Librarian. Lunch was enjoyed at the one remaining College, Fonseca, dating back to 1519, before ending the day with a tour of the two Cathedrals, old and new, by the Dean of the Cathedral.

We look forward to seeing all our Spanish Life Members again in Madrid 2020.