Meet Our Students

If you really want to get a sense of the wide range of subjects studied at Clare Hall, the best way is to ask the College members themselves about their specialisms.

In a new monthly series, we ask our postgraduates to share their current work, achievements to date and interests outside of academia.

Animesh Jain 

Animesh hails from India and is pursuing his PhD at the Department of Engineering. He is funded by Harding distinguished postgraduate scholarship.

He is currently studying one of the most intractable and persistent challenges in rocket and aircraft-engine development with a completely innovative approach: prediction and control of thermoacoustic instability by exploiting symmetries. Air transportation is anticipated to double over the next couple of decades, which calls for novel methods to cut back on up to 80% in oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and up to 50% in noise. The downside of making aircraft engine cleaner is that the lean flame burns unsteadily. In this complex multi-physical environment, the sound waves interact with the flame to generate violent thermoacoustic oscillations. During his PhD, Animesh will try to propose a new framework to predict thermoacoustic oscillations by grouping theory into software using tools of machine learning and artificial intelligence for optimal design to make aircraft engines cleaner and quieter. His research interest includes fluid dynamics, aircraft propulsion, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Animesh has previously worked on a joint project with Indian Space Research Organization and Indian Institute of Science on checking the possibility of making 'space bricks' using bacteria with in-situ resource utilization for extra-terrestrial settlements. Also, Animesh was awarded Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi gold medal for his academic achievements in his undergraduate and postgraduate studies.  

Apart from research, he has a keen interest in eastern mindfulness spiritual practices and has been practising yoga and meditation for many years.