Summer Refurbishment in College

During the summer period we will be refurbishing the entrance by the Porters’ Lodge, the reception areas, common room and bar.  You will gradually begin to see our staff and contractors preparing these areas and making a start on decorating and re-flooring.

It will mean that at times these areas may be a little noisier than usual.  When we paint and varnish surfaces there may be odours from products that are noticeable to you, and you may prefer to sit outside from time to time if you find this uncomfortable.  There will be some days when the spaces are closed off completely to ensure that the work can be done efficiently, and to make sure that people remain safe.  We will let you know of any closures with as much notice as possible.

The good news is that when the work is finished, we will have improved spaces with comfortable yet stylish finishes. 

This will be starting very soon, so please do be prepared for the changes to the College environment while work is underway.

Jane Phelps
Domestic Bursar