PhD student’s article published in Children’s Literature Association Quarterly

Clare Hall PhD student Michelle Anya Anjirbag - whose research focuses on adaptation, fairy-tales, Disney, and the intersection of literature, media, and culture - has written an article which appears in Children’s Literature Association Quarterly Volume 45.

The article examines the castle as an icon signalling medievalism in Disney films, and through it, how Disney maintains a core aesthetic of whiteness across its brand, especially in the fairy-tale films. It specifically examines how the castle title cards root a sense of historicism in three live-action remediations of classic fairy-tale films: Maleficent (2014), Cinderella (2015), and Beauty and the Beast (2017).

Anjirbag shares:

“Each remediation reiterates classic Disney narratives to a new generation while simultaneously reiterating the medievalist constructs at the heart of Disney fairy-tale narratives, and privileging whiteness even as the corporation claims to be improving its representation.”

Anjirbag is a PhD student at Clare Hall. She joined the College in 2017 and defended her thesis last October. Currently she’s finishing up her corrections and writing a few more pieces based on her dissertation work on racial and ethnic representation in Disney fairy-tale adaptations.

On future plans, she says:

“I’m excited to be planning a postdoctoral project on magical libraries.”

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