Papers co-authored by Life Member published in Science and Nature

Dr Eric Gamazon, a Life Member of Clare Hall (Visiting Fellow, 2018), has co-authored two papers published by the journals Science and Nature.

The Science paper, co-authored in collaboration with fellow Cambridge University researchers, performed the largest-ever genetic analysis of protein expression, providing a detailed map of connections between genetic variants, proteins, and complex diseases. The study addresses a major barrier to clinical translation of genetic...

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16 December 2021

Professor John Barrow's research honoured by Royal Astronomical Society

Research by the late Professor John Barrow, a Fellow of Clare Hall, was recently honoured during a specialist discussion organised by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).

John Barrow FRS (1952-2020) was Professor of Mathematical Sciences here at Cambridge. His output was prodigious, publishing more than 500 research papers in astrophysics and cosmology, many as single author papers. A major theme of his research was using astronomy to probe fundamental physics, proposing how measurements could be made at precisions beyond those possible in laboratory or accelerator experiments. A...

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14 December 2021

2021 Tanner Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Human Values now on YouTube

On 18 October this year, Ruha Benjamin, Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, gave the Obert C. Tanner Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Human Values, joined by respondents Dr Shakir Mohamed, Dr Mónica G. Moreno Figueroa and Professor Sennay Ghebreab.

You can catch up on this lecture via our YouTube.

From everyday apps to complex algorithms, technology has the potential to hide, speed, and deepen discrimination, while appearing neutral and even...

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13 December 2021

Visiting Fellow's paper published in Ancient Philosophy

A paper by Professor Georgia Mouroutsou, a Clare Hall Visiting Fellow, has been published in peer-reviewed journal Ancient Philosophy.

Titled 'Choosing a Life and Rejecting a Thoughtless Life in Philebus 20-22', Professor Mouroutsou comments on the paper: 

'Rather than offering an overwhelming argument against hedonism (sensu G.E. Moore), the paper shows that Socrates discusses three fundamental possibilities of life as candidates for the good human life with his hedonist...

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10 December 2021

Paper by Associate of Clare Hall features on cover of Nature’s latest issue

A paper co-authored by Dr Petar Veličković, an Associate of Clare Hall, has been published by Nature. The paper, which appears on the cover of Nature's latest issue, demonstrates how AI can successfully guide the intuition of mathematicians, and be a mathematician’s 'pocket calculator of the twenty-first century'.

Dr Veličković is a Staff Research Scientist at DeepMind, and an Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University...

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08 December 2021

Life Member to discuss collected writings on science fiction and utopian studies

Dr Darko Suvin, Professor Emeritus at McGill University and a Life Member of Clare Hall, will discuss his brand new book in a Zoom event this month.

Titled Disputing the Deluge: Collected 21st-Century Writings on Utopia, Narration, and Survivalthe book draws together 24 of Dr Suvin's most significant interventions in the linked fields of science fiction and utopian studies, with an introduction by editor Hugh O'Connell and a new preface by the author.

Beginning with writings from the early 2000s that investigate the function of literary genres and reconsider...

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03 December 2021

Applications for Visiting Fellowship in Hindu-Christian Studies welcome

The Governing Body of Clare Hall proposes to elect a stipendiary Visiting Fellow in Hindu-Christian Studies for a period of one year from 1 October 2022 or an agreed date thereafter. 

The Spalding Trust aims to promote a better understanding between the great cultures of the world by encouraging the study of the religious principles on which they are based, and on this occasion it is collaborating as a co-funder with the Teape Trust, which exists to further the study of the relationship between Hinduism and Christianity.

Learn more about this Visiting Fellowship...

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02 December 2021

College Christmas cards featuring Savery painting on sale now

Pop over to the Porters' Lodge to purchase this year's Clare Hall Christmas cards. They feature a painting by Roelandt Savery titled Landscape with lions and other animals near a waterfall (1627).

The cards are £5 for a pack of 5.

Roelandt Savery was born in Kortrijk, Flanders in 1576. He was a painter of alpine scenery and fantastical landscapes, often featuring animals. 

If you're keen to learn more, explore Art UK's website for...

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30 November 2021

Clare Hall reveals events programme for festive season

The College is delighted to present its festive events programme for 2021. 

Enjoy a range of festivities with us, including a Christmas Ball, music concerts, formals, quizzes, cocktails and family gatherings. 

Explore what's on via our blog.

The College is continually monitoring the pandemic; please note plans are subject to change in line with government guidelines. 

Connect with Clare Hall:


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29 November 2021

Life Member to defend dissertation on Africanising African History

Clare Hall Life Member Larissa Schulte Nordholt will be defending her dissertation Africanising African History: Decolonisation of knowledge in UNESCO’s General History of Africa (1964-1998) on 1 December.

In her thesis Africanising African History, Larissa researches how and why the UNESCO sponsored General History of Africa (1964-1998) sought to Africanise and decolonise the writing of African history in the wake of the political independence of many West African and East African countries in the early 1960s. Her thesis provides a case study on the practice of...

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26 November 2021