Combatting fake news: graduate contributes to prebunking Covid-19 misinformation study

Dr William Patrick McClanahan, a recent graduate of Clare Hall, has contributed to a research article examining methods for prebunking Covid-19 misinformation. Published by Big Data & Society, the article reveals results from two large-sample studies, presenting strong cross-cultural evidence for the effectiveness of two short and easily scalable prebunking interventions to reduce susceptibility to misinformation about Covid-19.

The article notes that Go Viral! – a five-minute free-to-play browser game – positively impacts people’s ability to identify...

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13 May 2021

Free speech re-examined by former Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall

E. Thomas Sullivan, a Life Member of Clare Hall, will have his book, Free Speech: From Core Values to Current Debates, published by Cambridge University Press in 2021 (with co-author Leonard Niehoff). Professor Sullivan was last at Clare Hall as a Visiting Fellow during the academic year 2019-20. During that time, he wrote substantial portions of the book while also serving as a visiting member of the Faculty of Law here at the University.

Professor Sullivan was motivated to write this book during his last year as President of the University of Vermont, after he decided that...

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12 May 2021

Clare Hall to launch pilot mentoring scheme

Clare Hall is launching a pilot Mentoring Scheme this term, and the College is inviting all students to take part. 

The Scheme aims to foster significant and sustained interactions between Clare Hall students and Fellows with shared interests in particular subject areas, in order to build lasting relationships and networks. 

In the pilot phase of the Scheme, the College is proposing nine subject-specific Mentoring Groups, each led by one or more Fellows (including Research Fellows) of Clare Hall.  

These groups are expected to:

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11 May 2021

Life Member releases book theorising violence and risk in medieval Iceland

Oren Falk, a Life Member of Clare Hall and Associate Professor of History & Medieval Studies at Cornell University, has published a new book: Violence & Risk in Medieval Iceland: This Spattered Isle (Oxford University Press, 2021). Medieval Iceland, notorious for its rampant violence, serves as a canvas on which to sketch out a cultural history model for understanding the phenomenon of violence more broadly. Using interdisciplinary tools, Professor Falk argues that violence is a positively constructed asset, deployed along three principal axes—power, signification, and risk...

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10 May 2021

Fitzwilliam Museum exhibition curated by Associate of Clare Hall

Plants have been used in the beauty and fragrance industry for thousands of years. They take centre stage in a new exhibition from the Fitzwilliam Museum, curated by new Associate of Clare Hall, Hettie Ward, who is Assistant Keeper in the Paintings, Drawings and Prints department.

Titled Scent From Nature: Beauty’s Botanical Origins, the exhibition will feature watercolours from the Fitzwilliam’s exceptional botanical collection. Works on display will include those by Nicolas Robert (1614–85), Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708–70), Joseph von Plenck (1735–1807), Pierre-Joseph...

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07 May 2021

Clare Hall student launches paper call for the Archaeological Review from Cambridge

Clare Hall PhD student Mariana P. L. Pereira, alongside fellow PhD colleagues Alisa Santikarn, Elifgül Doğan, Oliver Antczak and Kim Eileen Ruf, recently launched a new call for papers for Volume 37.1 of the Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC). The ARC was first published in 1981 and is now a biannual peer-reviewed journal managed voluntarily by students of the Department of Archaeology. The main premise of the future volume is to question the Archaeology–Heritage Divide across theory and practice.

As Mariana...

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05 May 2021

Honorary Fellow to present film at Hay Festival 2021

The author Ali Smith – who is an Honorary Fellow of Clare Hall – is presenting a one-off film created in collaboration with Sarah Wood at this year’s Hay Festival.

Titled SUMMER, the film screening is taking place online on Sunday 6th June 2021, and is a celebration of the conclusion of Smith’s seasonal quartet. You can register for free on the Hay Festival website.

Summer is the story of people on the brink of change. In the...

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04 May 2021

Clare Hall Boat Club returns to the river

Clare Hall Boat Club (CHBC) have returned to the river following a period of pausing rowing due to Covid-19.

Timo Haber, CHBC Captain, says:
"We are all so happy to finally be back on the water, with many new faces, lots of enthusiasm and team spirit. Our training is progressing very well, as everyone is keen to learn and eager to represent Clare Hall on the Cam. We are currently working on the basics of rowing, such as the separation of movement and correct rhythm. Soon the team will be able to do this with all eight rowing at the same time, and...

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30 April 2021

Concerts raise £695 for Raymond Nicolet Trust

Clare Hall’s Music Committee presented a pair of concerts featuring pianists Ljubica Stojanovic and Patrick Hemmerlé this spring, to raise funds for the Raymond Nicolet Trust. The charity is delighted to confirm that they raised £695 across the two performances.

Christine Hilcenko, co-founder of the Trust, shares:

"We are very grateful to both Ljubica and Patrick, who gave us their time and talent to support our cause. The live comments on the broadcast were a tribute to the...

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29 April 2021

Company co-founded by Life Member named in top 100 sustainability start-ups to watch

Phycobloom, a start-up co-founded by Ian Hu, a Life Member of Clare Hall, has been selected by media company Sifted in their top 100 sustainability start-ups to watch list. Phycobloom conducts research on producing algae oil that is cheap enough to replace fossil fuels.

Ian started his academic journey in the fields of agriculture and plant science in Taiwan. Being ambitious to solve more profound, real-world problems, he then sought further education and completed his PhD at Cambridge, in the Department of...

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28 April 2021