Pegasus Cup Award Ceremony

The Clare Hall Boat Club would like to invite all members of the College to the award ceremony of the Pegasus Cup of 2019 on the 12 October at 8 pm. This award is given to the college with the best performance during May Bumps and is presented by Milton Brewery. The club had an incredibly successful year, culminating in a fantastic performance in May Bumps in June 2019 for both the men’s and women’s team.

Location - Anthony Low Bar, Clare Hall

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08 October 2019

No Place Like Home? Policy Workshop on refugees and forced displacement

Report by Sigrid Lupieri

On Friday, 20 September, scholars, policymakers and participants with a refugee background gathered at Clare Hall for the workshop No Place Like Home? New Perspectives on Displacement and the Modern Refugee System.

Panel discussions saw attendees reflecting on the future of ‘durable policy options’ for refugees and on the need for a more global and comprehensive framework for responsibility-sharing and support for host communities during refugee crises. In fact, to date,...

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03 October 2019

Student Matriculation

A warm welcome to the first students to matriculate for this academic year. Four new EMBA students have joined Clare Hall, and were welcomed with a special dinner with the President, Vice-President, Praelector, Tutors, and other Fellows. Upon Matriculation, students are officially members of the University of Cambridge. Congratulations to all.

The President thanked Dr Trudi Tate for her work as Praelector over the past five years. From October, the new Praelector will be...

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26 September 2019

The Impact of Jesus in First-Century Palestine by Dr Rosie Luff

Although the archaeological evidence indicates a prosperous and thriving Galilee in the early first century CE, the Gospel texts suggest a society under stress, where the rich were flourishing at the expense of the poor. In this multi-disciplinary study, Clare Hall Emeritus Fellow Rosemary Luff, contributes to current debates concerning the pressures on early first-century Palestinian Jews, particularly with reference to socio-economic and religious issues. 

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21 August 2019

Graduation Ceremony

A large group of graduands, their family and guests, joined the President and the Fellow Deputy Praelector for a splendid graduation dinner on Friday 19 July. The following day, on Saturday 20 July, the Deputy Praelector presented the following for their degrees: 8 Doctors of Philosophy, 1 Master of Arts, 6 Masters of Law, 12 Masters of Philosophy, 5 Masters of Advanced Study, and 1 Master of Education.

Warm congratulations to all!

Photo Gallery

Photo credit: Tim Bond

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06 August 2019

Lost in Wonderland - The Clare Hall Summer Soiree 2019

We are pleased to report that July’s Lost in Wonderland event, hosted by the Clare Hall Summer Soirée Committee, was a huge success. The sold-out event was attended by Clare Hall Fellows, students and staff, as well as guests from outside the College. Our President, David Ibbetson; Bursar, Ian Strachan and Vice President, Alan Short were also in attendance.

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05 August 2019

Clare Hall Reunion - The Michael Stoker years

The College celebrated Michael Stoker’s presidency with our annual Clare Hall Reunion on Saturday 13 July. Guests travelled from all over the world to join the celebrations, some as far as New Zealand. Michael Stoker, a former director of the Imperial Cancer Research Laboratories, was president of Clare Hall from 1980 to 1987.

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24 July 2019

Clare Hall Boat Club

The Clare Hall Boat Club has had a very successful year, culminating in an impressive performance at the May Bumps. Both the women’s and men’s team were up for blades. The women came up against a formidable opponent and chased them the whole course. Unfortunately, the course was not long enough to catch them. The men’s team were luckier and earned their blades.

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15 July 2019

Salje Medal Presentation

Congratulations to Dr Visa Kurki on receiving the Salje Medal for his PhD dissertation in the Faculty of Law. The medal was presented by the President at formal hall on Wednesday 3 July 2019.

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07 July 2019

Clare Hall Awards Reception

It was with great pleasure that the President and Assistant Senior Tutor hosted a reception on Thursday, 20 June 2019 for Clare Hall students who have recently won College bursaries and awards.

We are very fortunate to have full funding for one PhD and several Master's students, generously provided by BP, Ivan Jankovic of Serbia, and the late Professor Denis Boak of Western Australia. The Boak fund also supports many of our graduate students' research, so they can travel to international conferences to present papers, do field work, and...

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25 June 2019