2021-22 GSB Officers elected

100 Clare Hall students cast their votes in the GSB elections this month, electing the following officers to the GSB for the 2021-22 academic year: 

Niraimathi Nagarajan as Vice-President. 

Jiaxing Jiang as Treasurer 

Satvik Singh as Secretary. 

Lauren Adams and Mingchun Xu as Social Officers. 

Martin Baur and Simon St-Amant as Sports Officers. 

Haseeb Sheikh as Welfare Officer. 

Laura Zwiers, Katy Gargiulo and Shyam Tailor as External Officers. 

Nadiah Thanthawi Jauhari as Fellow-Student Interaction Officer. 

Lydia Soifer as Green Officer. 

Minja Axelsson, Konstantina Vidou and Isabel Van Rhee as Equalities Officers. 

William Hanna, Lukas Gaudiesius, Oliver Rhodes, Luke Neill and Eleanor Ryan as Arts and Music Officers. 

The College shares its congratulaions to the newly-elected officers, and wishes them the very best in their roles this year. We will publish their bios and photos on the 'People' directory of the College website in the coming days.