Emeritus Fellow's research on Duncan Grant featured by Art UK

Professor Frances Spalding's research on Bloomsbury Group artist Duncan Grant (1885-1978) has been featured by Art UK.

The story highlights Grant's artistic style and techniques, as well as his passions and interests, which included a deep love of reading. Professor Spalding also covers how Grant's style changed over time, noting that 'there is a fluidity to his artistic development, a readiness to mutate or to respond to new experiences or new ideas.'

Read the full story: https://artuk.org/discover/stories/the-innate-talent-of-duncan-grant

Art UK's website holds 320 works by Duncan Grant which anyone can freely view online, ranging from sketches to finished pieces. 

Professor Spalding shares:

'Art UK has become a major source of information on the nation’s art. Before it created this digital catalogue, much publicly-owned art lay hidden away in far-flung places, forgotten or rarely seen. Today you simply type in an artist’s name and in no time at all pictures or sculptures by this artist start filling your screen. It is a huge gift to curators, collectors, art historians, gallerists, students and school kids - in fact to everyone, as, with its developing outreach, it is a major contribution to the democratisation of art.'

Frances Spalding is author of Duncan Grant: A Biography, and is an Emeritus Fellow of Clare Hall. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art, and in 2005 was awarded a CBE. 


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Duncan Grant © National Portrait Gallery, London