3 Slide Talks

The latest round of the postdoctoral researchers' 3 Slide Talks series on 8 February offered the usual mix of engaging presentation, lively discussion, and sociable refreshment. Featuring the works of Dr Gabriel Byng (pictured), Dr Wu Huiyi, and Dr Alekhya Mandali, it ranged from the arts to the sciences and illustrated some of the range of different subjects that Clare Hall postdocs are researching.

Dr Byng expounded on a liturgical object loaded with meaning, the medieval "pax," used to substitute for the Sign of Peace in the Catholic mass. Dr Wu deconstructed monolithic notions of "Jesuits" and "China" to show a much more complex and nuanced set of interrelations between seventeenth-century missionaries and the Chinese populations that were the targets of their evangelisation efforts. And lastly, Alekhya Mandali guided us through experimental neuroscience and the possibilities for non-invasive stimulation to help people better control their impulses.

All three presenters artfully used the 3-slide format to present concise and accessible introductions to their current research.

3 Slide Talks are organised by postdocs but open to all members of the Clare Hall community. Get in touch with Justin Rivest jr723@cam.ac.uk or Robert Beyer rb792@cam.ac.uk for further details, and stay tuned for news on subsequent sessions!