GSB President 2021/22 elected

Srijit Seal has been elected President of Clare Hall’s Graduate Student Body (GSB) for the academic year 2021/22.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Chemistry, Srijit is developing novel machine learning methods in drug discovery. He has previously served as Green Officer for the GSB, and also works in outreach programmes with St Stephens College, the University of Delhi, encouraging students to conduct internships and postgraduate studies at Cambridge and Oxford.

On being confirmed President of the GSB, Srijit comments:
“I am thrilled to be able to serve Clare Hall and pledge to protect the interests of our diverse student body. As the President of the GSB, I will work to ensure everyone feels represented and included in the College community, and can enjoy their time here.

As life slowly returns to normal this year, we look forward to having our usual outdoor events. I also wish to continue working with our student welfare officers to make sure student mental health support is always available. A team is like a piano: no one key can make a melody, but together it can, so let us join our hands together to work with team spirit for the wellbeing of everyone. I look forward to collaborating with everyone towards a fruitful year ahead.”

Beyond Cambridge, Srijit wishes to return to India to lead a research group in developing affordable drugs, delivering the benefits of the latest findings in science and technology to the world.

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