Clare Hall Reflects - Graduate Student Conference

On Saturday 27 April, Clare Hall students, Fellows, and Life Members gathered for Clare Hall Reflects, this year's graduate student conference. 

A packed day of presentations, discussions, and networking encouraged students to reflect both on their time at the College and to look to the future. 

Seven students reflected on their year at the College with presentations on their research. Panel discussions on welfare and careers saw attendees reflecting on how to maintain well-being both during and after student life and consider their next professional steps. We hope that the networking among students, Fellows and Life Members will result in long-lasting relationships. We were honoured to end the day with a presentation from Tony Hooley, a former Clare Hall PhD student and an early GSB president, who returned to reflect on his time at Clare Hall and his subsequent career in entrepreneurship. 

A highlight for many was the Clare Hall student art exhibition. The art was displayed throughout the event and featured fifteen pieces, ranging from photographs of the College to a macrame working of the Clare Hall crest. Attendees voted on their favourite pieces, and results of this vote will be announced later this week. 

Photographs of the day were taken by PhD student Fu Xiang Quah. A selection are available to view here, with more coming soon. 

The event committee would like to thank everyone who took part.

Emily J. Goodacre 
On behalf of the event committee.