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About us? Well, about you actually. Because Clare Hall is a small graduate college many of whose members often stay only a year, the fortunes of the Cricket Club are perennially determined by who is here for each new season and joins in.

Whether you come from one of the cricket-playing countries which have learned to beat the English at their own game or from a non-cricket playing country that will no doubt do so sooner rather than later if you take up the game at Clare Hall, you are equally welcome to join a core of locally-based enthusiasts so small that it includes the keenly incompetent as well as the incomparably skilful. Thus there is a place for all, whether you be an Australian aesthete who abhors athleticism or a Japanese baseball-player who wishes to give the other game a go.

The Club is keen for both sporting and social reasons to encourage women members of the college to join in what was once a male preserve but is rapidly changing. The Clare Hall Bursar distinguished herself in the 2015 President’s Match. 

Club Activities

During the winter, the Club arranges Nets (practices) at Fenner’s (famous home of Cambridge cricket): there are usually two nets, one for a more advanced group and one for a less advanced group, composed of newcomers and incorrigible old-timers. In the latter net, newcomers may learn the arts of bowling (throwing) the (rather hard) cricket ball and, suitably padded-up (as a defence against said ball), hitting it with a specially-shaped stick (batting).

As the summer comes on (with its false promise of Mediterranean sunshine), the Club removes to various pleasant grounds around Cambridge both to practise at outdoor Nets and, in bigger groups, to develop the skill of fielding (stopping and catching) the ball in case it ever comes your way (thus subverting the infidel view that in cricket nothing ever happens).

Intercollegiate (and other occasional) matches are arranged for the gung-ho while the hoi polloi are provided for by intramural matches designed to give literally everyone a game.

The big match of the year is that between the President’s XI and the Students when, typically, people from as many as a dozen different countries take part.

How to Join

Welcome. If you are at Clare Hall you are already a non-playing, non-paying member of its Cricket Club. You may try out playing at the fortnightly (or so) practice sessions or nets, for this, there is a small fee of £2 requested. All the equipment you will need is provided (apart from a pair of trainers or boots). You may additionally want to purchase a club shirt and cap with its distinct logo: a goldfinch.

For further details, please contact cricket@clarehall.cam.ac.uk – or, if the technology fails you, have a quick word with cricketing stalwart Sam in Accounts. 

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