Dr Tony Hooley

Subject: Physics/Radio Astronomy. Commercial applications for the past 35+ years, including digital loudspeaker technology, miniature high-displacement actuators (piezoelectric & SMA), sub-miniature high-performance mobile phone cameras, image understanding, machine intelligence and consciousness.

BSc 1st Hons (London), PhD (Cantab), MIET, MIEEE, FRAS


Hooley Research Ltd (CEO)

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Research Overview:

The physical origins of consciousness, from an engineering perspective: given that humans fundamentally are biochemical/electrical machines, how does that particular arrangement and organisation of matter and energy, presumably optimised by evolution for the propagation of the DNA, also give rise to the phenomenon of consciousness, which is currently inexplicable within our present physics and engineering framework? The approach taken is to build real engineered systems capable of performing the types of complex processing done by human brain/body systems, guided by CNS structure and organisation, and to look for unexpected processes and capabilities that arise therein that may give clues to what consciousness actually is, and/or, perhaps what it is for.

The design and development of novel mechatronic devices with applications in microwave/RF systems, as well as for more general purposes.

The design and development of a radically novel bicycle making maximal use of modern electronics and software, as well as much improved mechanical design, to greatly improve safety, security, reliability, convenience and comfort of an ordinary about-town bicycle for everyday users i.e. not a racing-bike, mountain-bike or 'electric-bike' as such. Just something we all can use and benefit from.