Susanna Rostas

Subject: Social Anthropologist

Department/institution: Department of Social Anthropology HSPS​

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Research interests

Fellow Commoner and Secretary of the Art Committee, Clare Hall, Senior Research Associate Department of Social Anthropology; Bye-Fellow and Director of Studies in Social Anthropology, Part II, Homerton Collge.

Susanna Rostas trained initially as an architect, painted for some years and became a Life Member of Clare Hall in 1979 when she completed an MPhil in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University and exhibited some of her paintings in the College. She subsequently carried out fieldwork in Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico for a PhD at Sussex University on the theme of indigenous religion.

Susanna’s continuing interest in indigeneity took her to Mexico City in the late 1980/90s to research the Concheros’ dance and its associated religiosity. Although most Concheros are mestizos, many believe that their dance has descended from the Aztecs. Her various publications culminated in a book Carrying the Word published in 2009. She is currently working once again in Chiapas on the theme of Lekil Kuxlejal (or buen vivir) and has a number of pending publications.

Susanna has taught Social Anthropology at various universities; part-time at Goldsmiths in London from 1990-92 and again from 1994 – 1998 after lecturing at Durham University from 1992-1994. Subsequently she has acted as a supervisor for various Cambridge colleges, acted as a Director of Studies for Homerton given occasional lectures in the Department of Social Anthropology, and taught for the Centre of Latin American Studies.

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