Dr Kun Li

Subject: Engineering

Department/institution: Electrical Engineering Division

Contact details: kl330@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Dr Kun Li is a Research Associate (photonics engineer) in Cambridge Centre for Photonic Devices and Sensors (CPDS), directed by Professor Daping Chu, in the Electrical Engineering Division. His research interests are novel display technologies – such as a head-up display for automobiles, an auto-stereoscopic display for mobile devices and switchable window display for buildings – as well as liquid-crystal-based optical devices, including liquid crystal on Si (LCoS) spatial light modulators (SLMs).

Dr Li became a student member of Clare Hall in 2006, after graduating from the University of York, and stayed in Clare Hall for his MPhil and PhD in the Department of Engineering. His PhD work, supervised by Professor William O’Neill, investigated laser interactions with material for the benefit of microprocessing quality and efficiency.

Dr Li works closely with industrial collaborators, and is very keen to see his work being used in next-generation display products.

Select publications and awards


  • Kun Li; Daping Chu; Jiaqi Chu; Shuhei Kitajima; Tokiyoshi Matsuda; and Mutsu Kimura, ‘Tuneable Liquid Crystal Micro-Lens Array for Image Contrast Enhancement in a Pixelated Thin Film Photo-Transistor Flat Panel Imager’, Micromachines, 8:7 (2017), 205
  • Kun Li; Ali Özgür Yöntem; Yuanbo Deng; Pawan Shrestha; Daping Chu; Jiong Zhou; and Jun Yao, ‘Optimisation of the Liquid Crystal Micro-lens Integrated Display Device for Full Resolution Auto-stereoscopic Systems’, Optics Express, 25:9 (2017), 9654-9675
  • Kun Li; Mike Pivnenko; Daping Chu; Andrew Cockburn; and William O’Neill, ‘Uniform and Fast Switching of Window-size Smectic A Liquid Crystal Panels Utilising the Field Gradient Generated at the Fringes of Patterned Electrodes’, Liquid Crystals, 43:6 (2016), 735-749