Professor Ove Granstrand

Subject: Intellectual Property and Technology Management

Department: Engineering


Research Interests:

Professor Ove Granstrand, currently The Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professor at Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, was educated at Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Stanford University. He has graduate degrees in mathematics, economics and engineering and a PhD degree in industrial management and economics. His work experience includes teaching, research and consultancy in various Eastern and Western countries. He has served as Professor in Industrial Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology for more than 30 years and is the founder of CIP – Center for Intellectual Property Studies. His research interest concerns economics and management of technology and innovation. In particular, he has studied innovation, corporate strategy and diversification in multi-technology corporations in Europe, Japan and the USA, as well as various issues related to R&D, intellectual property, intellectual capital and intellectual capitalism more generally. He has published many books and articles on these topics with his most recent book being Evolving Properties of Intellectual Capitalism - Patents and Innovations for Growth and Welfare, as a companion to his 1999 book The Economics and Management of Intellectual Property - Towards Intellectual Capitalism.

Selected Publications

  • Evolving Properties of Intellectual Capitalism: Patents and Innovations for Growth and Welfare. Edward Elgar Publ., Cheltenham, UK, 2018.
  • Industrial Innovation Economics and Intellectual Property (7th ed.). Svenska Kulturkompaniet, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018.