Professor Stephen Eales

Subject: Astronomy

Department/Institution: Battock Institute for Experimental Astrophysics, Cardiff University

Research Interests:

After a degree in physics in Cambridge, Professor Eales completed a PhD in radio astronomy at the Cavendish Laboratory (and while doing this was also a student at Clare Hall). After his PhD, he had postdocs at the University of Hawaii and the Space Telescope Science Institute, a fixed-term faculty position at the University of Toronto and, finally, a permanent faculty position at Cardiff University, where he is now a professor and the head of the Astronomy Group. His two main intellectual passions are astronomy and the communication of astronomy to the general public. His astronomical research aims to understand the birth and history of galaxies and the general properties of the Universe, but he is also interested, although more as an onlooker, in the origin, physics and chemistry of interstellar dust and in exoplanets and astrobiology. He has written one popular astronomy book (Origins, Springer 2006, 2010) and one textbook. He is currently working on a book on the Herschel Space Observatory, which is based on a large number of interviews with scientists who either built or used the observatory and is aimed at a non-scientific audience. He plans to write this while at Clare Hall.