Dr Olivier Renaut

Subject: Philosophy

Department/Institution: Université Paris Nanterre; Institut Universitaire de France (Junior Member)

Research Interests:

Olivier Renaut is Maître de conférences at Université Paris Nanterre, in the department of Philosophy, and is specialised in History of Ancient Philosophy. His research concerns mainly ancient psychology, theories of emotions, politics and ethics in ancient philosophy, especially Plato and Aristotle. His ongoing research concerns ancient theories of emotions, from Homer to Aristotle. He is also interested in contemporary reappraisals of ancient topics such as sexuality (Plato and Foucault), Virtue Ethics, M. C. Nussbaum and B. Williams.

During his stay in Clare Hall, he will work on a translation and commentary (in French) of Aristotle’s second book of the Rhetoric, which supposedly presents the first typology of emotions in ancient Greek thought. His main goal is to present how selected emotions (pathè) are analytically presented in a very precise framework (rhetoric as science), though acquiring distinctive traits in Aristotle’s moral psychology.

Select Publications:

  • Renaut O. Platon: La mediation des émotions, Paris, J. Vrin, 2014
  • Renaut O. and Brisson. L. (eds.), Erotique et Politique chez Platon: Erôs, genre et sexualité dans la cité platoncienne, Santk Augustin, Academia Verlag, 2018
  • Renaut O., Dualisme et metaxu. Trois usages de l’intermédiaire chez Platon, Methexis, 2014, 27, p. 121-138
  • Renaut O., Political Images of the Soul, in R.G. Edmonds III & P. Destrée (eds.), Plato and the power of images, Leiden, Brill, 2017, p. 138-157
  • Renaut. O., Challenging Platonic Erôs: The Role of Thumos and Philotimia in Love, in E. Sanders, C. Thumiger, C. Carrey & N. Lowe (eds.), Erôs in Ancient Greece, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013,p.95-110