Dr Yuko Kamishima

Subject: Philosophy

Department/institution: Ritsumeijan University, Japan

Contact details: ykr09182@fc.ritsumei.ac.jp

From January to September 2020

Research Interests

Yuko Kamishima (PhD, the University of Tokyo) is a Professor of Philosophy at Ritsumeikan University, Japan, where she teaches the history of western philosophy, political philosophy, and thematic philosophy seminars among others. Her research interests include contemporary moral and political philosophy, ethics of development, and the capability approach. During her term as a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, she will also be a Visiting Scholar at Centre of Development Studies at the University of Cambridge, to engage in her research project on political capabilities for sustainable development. She is an alumna of Darwin College, University of Cambridge and has an MPhil in Sociology and Politics of Development.

Select Publications (in Japanese)

・Yuko Kamishima, What is Justice?: Six viewpoints in contemporary political philosophy, Chuo-Koron-Shinsha, 2018.

・Yuko Kamishima, Post-Rawlsian Theories of Justice: Pogge, Sen, Nussbaum, Mineruba-Shobo, 2015.

・Yuko Kamishima, Martha Nussbaum: Philosophy for human development, Chuo-Koron-Shinsha, 2013.

Select Publications (in English)

・Yuko Kamishima, Political Justice and the Capability for Responsibility, Critical Horizons, 20, 2019.

・Yuko Kamishima, Bart Gremmen and Hikari Akizawa, Can Merging a Capability Approach with Effectual Processes Help Us Define a Permissible Action Range for AI Robotics Entrepreneurship?, Philosophy of Management, 17:1, 2018.