Professor Stuart Burgess

Stuart Burgess is Professor of Engineering Design at Bristol University. His research focuses on modelling the efficiency of mechanical systems in Engineering and Biology. He also has an interest in creating advanced engineering designs, including bioinspired designs.

Professor Burgess was the lead designer of the solar array deployment mechanism on four major earth observation satellites produced by the European Space Agency: ENVISAT, METOP A, METOP B and METOP C. This work led to the award of the Turners Gold Medal for design. He also led the design of the chain drive for Team GB cycling for the Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics. This work resulted in a Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society in July 2017 and to the James Clayton Engineering Prize 2019.

At Clare Hall, Professor Burgess will be using engineering principles to model biological systems. One of the first case studies will involve modelling linkage mechanisms in animal joints with applications to robotics.