Dr Daniel Jolowicz

Subject: Greek and Latin literature

Department/institution: Faculty of Classics

Contact details: dj334@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Daniel Jolowicz is Junior Research Fellow in classics at Clare Hall. His work has focused on material written in Greek under the Roman Empire, and the extent to which this material engages with material written in Latin – on which subject he is currently completing a monograph. He has also written on modes of historical allusivity in ancient fiction (especially the so-called ‘Greek novels’) and how these texts advertise their awareness of contemporary, or near-contemporary, events.

In a further project, Dr Jolowicz seeks to pursue the question of how media other than the ‘literary’ – for example, coins, inscriptions, visual iconography – interact with texts written in Greek under the Roman Empire.

Select publications:

  • D A Jolowicz, ‘Agathos Daimôn in Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe (5.1.6, 5.7.10): Some Ramifications’, Classics Quarterly (2018) 68
  • D A Jolowicz, 'Sicily and Roman Republican History in Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe’, Journal of Hellenic Studies (2018)