Our Donors


I have an enormous debt of gratitude to Eric Ashby, the leader of the triumvirate who founded Clare Hall.  He wasn't my official supervisor but he became a great mentor to me back in the late 60s when I was a master's/PhD student.  I can truly say that without having had the opportunity to come to Clare Hall and engage with brilliant minds, my career, which I continue to enjoy immensely, would have been totally different.  

Clare Hall is just a wonderful place - it works real magic. My heart always soars when I attend a fascinating seminar, or engage in rewarding discussion at dinner

Professor David Cope, Life Member



“I am grateful for Clare Hall in providing me with the intellectual and cultural ‘fix’ I desperately needed. In addition, I benefitted enormously from being with such pleasant and interesting people. My only regret is that I couldn’t be in Cambridge longer. I have been thinking of a way to help Clare Hall. I want to establish a scholarship to provide funds for a graduate. I trust the Governing Body to make any decisions at Clare Hall. I am stating that 10% of my estate go to Clare Hall, I want to show my appreciation for Clare Hall.”


Anonymous Former Visiting Associate


"I cross the steep Garret Hostel bridge millions of times on auto-pilot, but sometimes I stop, look around and think 'how amazing is this place'.  The Wren Library at Trinity on one side, the Kings' College Chapel on the other.  800 years of history all around me. What an incredible privilege to have these buildings, these monuments, these resources, all right there, on offer. They are beautiful to look at, and not only that but one can, quite incredibly, just walk in and use them.

Then Clare Hall, which is my 'home'.  Still in its infancy, but it feels to me (and to others, I think) very established.  At Clare Hall I'm always aware of what a privilege it is to belong, and how a sense of tradition and constant intellectual generosity passes through the College and connects it to the larger university.  And I do mean generosity - from my first days when I was shown around and introduced to wonderful people to being constantly given lists of books and articles that were thought useful for my research. And the sweetness of the staff - people like John at the bar and Pat serving the food. Clare Hall people are terrific fun, too, which is quite amazing considering the quality of the work they're doing.

This to me is the hallmark of Clare Hall - the warmth and generosity and brilliance of so many people in so many disciplines, but all of them (literally and figuratively!) at the same table. Amazing."  

Anonymous, Clare Hall Life Member.