Our Life Members

Life Members are part of the Clare Hall family

At Clare Hall, we refer to all former Visiting Fellows, Research Fellows, students and associates as Life Members - and it means just that - you are a member for life. You are welcome to return to College to renew acquaintances, make use of the facilities or just enjoy the intellectual and social environment.

By becoming a Life Member of Clare Hall, you join an inclusive and welcoming society of international leaders and academics, unique among all the Cambridge Colleges. 

We encourage you to make the most of these benefits.


Why we need your help

Clare Hall is a college who cares deeply about its members, whether current students, Fellows, Visiting Fellows or Life Members based all around the world.  We aim to provide a welcoming, supportive and academically stimulating community in the University of Cambridge, one of the top-ranking universities in the world and centre of a world-leading research environment.

To deliver this, we need the active support and involvement of our Life Members.  We are a small, young college, with limited resources. 

Any donation, whatever the size, will make a difference.