Our mission and core values

Our mission

The pursuit of excellence in a warm, welcoming and supportive environment. We take pride in being a community of equals who make a positive impact on research and scholarship.

Clare Hall is a place to think, a place to meet, a place to talk and a place to share.

The core values of Clare Hall

Academic excellence

Our commitment to academic excellence is the most important of our core values. We welcome Fellows and students not only from the UK but from all over the world, embracing a broad range of academic subjects. We provide a crucial link for our members to further their specialities and also promote interdisciplinary learning. Our Visiting Fellows, who may only be with us for short periods, enrich the College dynamic further and are one of the most important elements of our institution.

A strong community

Our Fellows, Life Members, staff, and students are the pillars of the Clare Hall community. By eating together, hosting seminars and conferences and other events, we actively encourage social engagement within the College. Come to Clare Hall to study and make lifelong friends and connections.   

Everyone is equal

Unlike traditional Cambridge Colleges, we have a relaxed approach to college life. There is no high table at our Formal Hall, and we instead encourage our students and Fellows to use these opportunities to forge new friendships through the exchange of ideas, opinions, and debate.   

Small and intimate

We see being small as a good thing. It has enabled us to develop a unique environment without the hustle and bustle of the larger colleges. Our members return year after year to reconnect with friends, to pursue their research and to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the College. 


One of the founding principles of the College was to accommodate those academics with families. We still uphold these aims and strive to make your time here in Cambridge as enjoyable and comfortable as possible by providing accommodation and specific events for families.

A place to think, meet, talk and share

Ultimately we aim to provide a supportive environment for all academics to further develop their studies, whether that is in the peace of our library, in the lively debate at Formal Hall, over a cup of coffee in our common room or attending one of our many academic lectures and seminars.

Our goals

To promote an international community of Cambridge academics, postgraduate students and visiting scholars to ensure that Clare Hall remains an outstanding College.

To achieve this, our five objectives for 2016 - 2021 are:


Our Development Team aims to:

  • Raise capital for critical projects and the College endowment 
  • Support a high calibre international body of Fellows, Visiting Fellows and students
  • Provide student support, scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards
  • Enrich the College environment and cultural experience with social, sports, music and arts events

Attract Visiting Fellows of international standing

  • We aim to attract Visiting Fellows of the highest academic quality with established reputations who will contribute to the College as an academic environment and gain the maximum benefit from it.

Ensure our students enjoy the ‘Clare Hall experience’

  • We want to continue to attract, encourage and support the development of high-quality postgraduate students
  • We are committed to developing our infrastructure for students including workspaces, facilities, and accommodation
  • We aim to strengthen student/Fellow interaction
  • We will continue to energise our postdoctoral students.

​​Ensure the College runs efficiently and economically

  • Strengthen governance in all areas including reporting, risk management, and compliance with legal requirements and best practice
  • Have transparent and openly managed finances
  • Value our staff and the jobs they do to keep the College running smoothly
  • Stay up to date with technological developments
  • Efficiently and expertly manage our domestic services.

Improve our communal spaces

  • Bringing them up to the highest standards for all members of the College and visitors.