Dr Alexandra Winkels


Director of Education and Academic Services, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge & Chelmsford)

Contact details: LinkedIn

Select publications:

  • A Winkels, ‘Migration, social networks and risk: the case of rural to rural migration in Vietnam’ Journal of Vietnamese Studies 7 (4) (2012)
  • W N Adger, H Eakin and A Winkels, ‘Nested and networked vulnerabilities to environmental change’. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 7(3): 150–157 (2009)
  • H Eakin, A Winkels and J Sendzimir, 'Nested Vulnerability: exploring cross-scale linkages and teleconnections in Mexican and Vietnamese coffee systems'. Environmental Science & Policy 12 (4): 398-412 (2008)