Dr Fraya Frehse

Subject: Homelessness and the production of urban public space in the 21st century

Department/institution: University of São Paulo, Brazil

Contact details: fraya@usp.br

From January 2020 to March 2020

Research Interests

A Reader in Sociology of the City, of Space and Everyday Life at the University of São Paulo, Fraya Frehse (1971) has a BA (1996) and a teaching diploma (2001) in Social Sciences (Anthropology, Political Science and Sociology) from the same University, where she also completed MA (1999) and her PhD (2005) in Social Anthropology. In 2010 she conducted postdoctoral research in Sociology (of the City) at Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin by means of the Georg Forster postdoctoral fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Her areas of expertise are sociology and anthropology in their interfaces with history, from the standpoint of urban studies. She mainly does research on the following topics: urban theory; (bodily and/or urban) space, everyday life and history; space, time and the body as objects of sociological knowledge; the body, public space and city/urbanization (in Brazil); bodily uses of urban public places; urban mobility; urban inequality/poverty; urban visual culture; the city of São Paulo and its history; social thought about the city in Brazil; sociology of everyday knowledge.

Fraya Frehse is Research Productivity fellow of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) (as of 2018). She was a Visiting Fellow at Technische Universität Berlin and the Universität Wien (2019), at Université Paris Diderot (2018), at Freie Universität Berlin (2014, 2010) and at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2010). Moreover, she was a Visiting Professor of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (2012) and Freie Universität Berlin, where she held the Chair “Sérgio Buarque de Holanda” in Brazilian Studies (2014).

Select Publications and Awards


  • Ô da Rua! O Transeunte e o Advento da Modernidade em São Paulo (Hey You in the Street! The Passer-By and the Onset of Modernity in São Paulo), Edusp, 2011
  • O Tempo das Ruas na São Paulo de Fins do Império (The Times of the Street in São Paulo during the Late Empire), Edusp, 2005
  • Editor of A Sociologia Enraizada de José de Souza Martins (José de Souza Martins' Enrooted Sociology), Com-Arte 2018
  • Co-author of Militão Augusto de Azevedo, Cosac Naify, 2012
  • Co-editor Vivir y Pensar São Paulo y la Ciudad de México: Trayectorias de Investigación en Diálogo (Living in and Reflecting upon São Paulo and Mexico City: A Dialogue between Research Trajectories), UAM/Juan Pablos Editorial, 2016
  • Impressões do Brasil: Roger Bastide (Impressions about Brasil: Roger Bastide), Imprensa Oficial, 2011
  • Publications in Brazilian, Mexican, Portuguese, French, German, and Anglo-American peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, she (co-)edited the following six journal special issues: Pensar a cidade (no Brasil): Espaços e tempos (To Reflect upon the City (in Brazil): Spaces and Times), Tempo Social, vol. 31, n. 1, 2019
  • Viver e Pensar São Paulo e Cidade do México: Trajetórias de Pesquisa em diálogo (Living in and Reflecting upon São Paulo and Mexico City: A Dialogue between Research Trajectories), Ponto Urbe, 2016
  • As ciências sociais e o espaço (The Social Sciences and Space), Tempo Social, vol. 25, n. 2, 2013
  • O espaço na vida social (Space in Social Life), Revista Estudos Avançados, vol. 27, n. 79, 2013
  • Urban Studies in/on Latin America in the 21st Century: Current State of Play and Future Perspectives, Iberoamericana, 45, 2012
  • Fac-Símile, Revista da Biblioteca Mário de Andrade, n. 65, 2009


Since 2011 Fraya Frehse has been an alumna of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and in December 2017 has been awarded an Honour votum (‘voto de louvor’) for her Reader Thesis From the City to the Body and Vice-Versa: Times and Spaces by the respective Evaluation Committee of the University of São Paulo.