Dr Tony Street

Subject: Medieval Islamic studies

Department/institution: Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge

Contact details: ads46@cam.ac.uk

Research interests:

Dr Street’s research interests focus on the intellectual history of the Islamic world through the twelfth and thirteenth centuries CE, a period of fruitful tension between Aristotelian philosophy and the Islamic sciences. He concentrates above all on the logical texts which developed through this period, and the reasons for their growing independence from the Aristotelian tradition. He has also worked on the new theological methods developed by Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī (d. 1210) and his disciples. More broadly, he is interested in commentary traditions as vehicles for innovation, and the use of canon-formation to define cultural identity.

In 2019 he will take up a Fellowship at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies.

Select publications:

  • 'Al-ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī (d. 1325) and the Early Reception of Kātibī's Shamsīya: Notes towards a study of the dynamics of post-Avicennan logical commentary,' Oriens 44 (2016): 1–35.
  • 'Kātibī, Taḥtānī, and the Shamsiyya,' for The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy, edited by Khaled El-Rouayheb and Sabine Schmidtke (Oxford: OUP, 2016) pages 348–374.
  • 'Afḍal al-Dīn al-Khūnajī (d. 1248) on the Conversion of Modal Propositions,' Oriens 42 (2014): pp. 454–513.