Eleanor Ryan

Role: Arts and Music Officer

Contact details: emkr2@cam.ac.uk

What is your area of study?
I am a first year PhD student at the Faculty of Education, studying decolonising pedagogies in Higher Music Performance Education. I completed an MPhil is Arts, Creativity and Education in 2019-2020.
Where are you from?
I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. 
What do you love about Clare Hall?
Clare Hall is an incredibly warm, caring and supportive community which I feel privileged to be a part of. The ethos of equality and inclusion embedded within the college is something I particularly value. I have loved getting to know everyone who works so hard to keep the college life ticking over and the incredible range of visiting fellows and brilliant students from all over the world. 
What are you hoping to achieve in your role as Arts and Music Officer?
I’m working alongside my fellow Arts and Music Officer, Lukas, to improve the equipment provision in the music room and encourage students to get involved with trying out instruments for the first time! We have a long-term plan to include recording and broadcasting equipment so that Clare Hall-made music can reach outside the walls of the College. We are looking forward to organising opportunities for Clare Hall members to share their artistic and music skills across social media platforms and hopefully in live events as soon as current circumstances allow.