Emily Goodacre

Role: The Vice-President is the second head of the GSB committee after the President and takes over when they are unavailable. The most important responsibility of the presidential roles is to represent the students in College and the University. The Vice-President also makes sure committee meetings run smoothly and that the GSB can effectively reach its goals.

Contact details

What is your course in Cambridge?

PhD in Education

Where are you from?

Birmingham (UK) and Raleigh (NC, USA)

How long have you been a Clare Hall student for?

This is my third year.

What do you love about Clare Hall?

I love that Clare Hall is somehow small enough that I feel like I know everyone, but that I can also always find a new person to meet and chat to.

What are you hoping to achieve in your GSB position?

My main focus this year is going to be on following up our divestment commitments. I also think it’s going to be important this year to continue to create ways for students to make their mark on the College and recognising students’ contributions to the College.