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The College is a highly integrated academic society with a President, Fellows, graduate students and other members. About 300 members are currently in Cambridge creating a professionally and culturally diverse environment. To find out more about any of our members, please click on their names below. Clare Hall is committed to protecting your privacy, please refer to www.clarehall.cam.ac.uk/data-protection-information.

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Jennifer Allen

GSB Treasurer

Role: Manages the GSB budget and all reimbursements.

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Simone de Rijk

GSB President

Role: Head of the GSB committee and represents Clare Hall students both internally and outside of the College.

Rose Garrido

GSB Sports

Role: Organises sports activities and is the main contact for the Clare Hall sports teams.

Emily Goodacre

GSB Vice President

Role: The Vice-President is the second head of the GSB committee after the President and takes over when they are unavailable.

Rebecca Jones

GSB Secretary

Role: Prepares the agenda and takes minutes for each GSB meeting and creates weekly GSB bulletins.

Débora Macedo

GSB Social


Organises and coordinates social events for students

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Mariana Pinto Leitao Pereira

GSB Fellow-student interactions

Role: Organise the Fellows - students receptions and the Easter term graduate conference.

Anujan Poologaindran

GSB Welfare

Role: Ensures the general well-being of the student body and promotes a healthy study-life balance

FuXiang Quah

GSB Web Officer

Role: Responsible for managing the GSB's online presence across different platforms, as well as facilitating any student IT needs (for example workshops on how to use Excel or reference...

Megan Robinson

GSB Social

Role: Organises and coordinates social events for students

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Simone Schneider

GSB Equalities

Role: Provides support for all those who identify with groups including, but not exclusive to, race, gender, sexuality, accessibility and socio-economic background.

Srijit Seal

GSB Green

Role: Works with Clare Hall students and the College to reduce our impact on the environment.

Tobias Tilly

GSB External

Role: Organises formal swaps with other colleges and executes partnerships.

Aube Tollu

GSB Equalities

Role: Ensures that issues concerning race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background, as well as Women's and LGBTQ issues, are addressed.