Laura Zwiers

Role: External Officer, Graduate Student Body Committee (2021/22)


What is your area of study? 

I’m following the MPhil in Population Health Sciences at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. Within this MPhil, I am specialising in Health Data Science. 

Where did you study prior to arriving at Clare Hall? 

I completed a double degree programme in Econometrics and Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam prior to moving to Cambridge.  

What are you hoping to achieve in your GSB role this year? 

The external officers are responsible for keeping in contact with other colleges and arranging ways for Clare Hall students to meet students in those colleges. This includes formal swaps, where we get to join for a formal somewhere else, but also other social events. Now that we can finally meet in-person again, I am hoping to give all Clare Hall students the chance to interact with other colleges and to make friends outside of Clare Hall and their course.  

What do you love about Clare Hall? 

Clare Hall is relatively small, and that is exactly why I love it so much. Having such a small college allows for getting to know almost every other student within the institution, and that makes Clare Hall almost feel like a family. Moreover, I love that, through events like coffee chats and pizza nights, there are many opportunities to meet each other and to have a good time.