Lydia Soifer

Role: Green Officer, Graduate Student Body Committee (2021/22)


What is your area of study? 

I’m an MPhil student in the Department of Plant Sciences based at the David Attenborough Building. My research focuses on modeling the distribution of epiphytic bromeliads in Trinidad at fine spatial scales in three dimensions.  

Where did you study prior to arriving at Clare Hall? 

I completed a B.S. in biology at Davidson College in North Carolina, where I specialized in ecology and conservation. 

What are you hoping to achieve in your GSB role this year? 

This year I hope to continue developing the allotment, work with the gardeners to plant native gardens to support pollinators, and continue efforts to reduce food waste and single-use plastics in the dining hall. 

What do you love about Clare Hall? 

The community at Clare Hall is very welcoming, and I love the connections Clare Hall fosters between fellows and students.