Nadiah Thanthawi Jauhari

Role: Fellow- Student Interaction Officer, Graduate Student Body Committee (2021/22)


What is your area of study?

PhD in Education.

Where were you based before arriving at Clare Hall?

I was teaching at a public university in Malaysia for 11 years. I have also taught in the Czech Republic and Poland.

What do you love about the College?

Clare Hall has a vibrant community of people and is a very family-friendly college. CH has wonderful and supportive personnel, a proactive Graduate Student Body, and offers a wide range of social activities including special interest groups, clubs i.e. allotment, and sports i.e. boat club, cricket, and croquet, among other things. One of the best decisions I made in my life is choosing Clare Hall as my college.

What are you hoping to achieve in your role as Fellow- Student Interaction Officer?

I hope to be able to institute a safe space/platform for graduate students and Fellows at CH to connect, network and collaborate.